Production Line

Zhengzhou Youcheng is one of the top-three one-stop suppliers for PVC Tape in China.We supplied 


Calendering machine

Machine capability: 0.06mm~0.50mm

Machine capacity: 600 Ton per month

Zhengzhou Youcheng Techonology Co., Ltd.


Adhesive production

Adhesive type: Rubber base,solvent base,
water base and Low VOC type


Coating machine

4 full-automatic multi-functional coating lines
Machine capability: 0.07mm~0.60mm
Machine capacity: 941K SQM per month per line







We have a series of testing equipment that will enable us to conduct the following test on our products:

Film Thickness
Adhesive Coat Weight
Tensile Strength
Adhesion Strength
Unwinding Force
Temperature Resistance
Heat Resistance
Flame Retardant Test
Dielectric Strength
Breakdown voltage
Initial Tack
Holding Strength
Heat Ageing Test

Zhengzhou Youcheng Techonology Co., Ltd.
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